Mammoth BI 2014 Intro
Jeff Fletcher, Building a Hadoop based infrastructure as a service product and ISP
Anthony Miller, The second Half of the Chessboard: Thriving in a Time of Exploding Possibilities
Martin Willcox, What is a Data Lake, anyway?
Marc Smith, Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media
Tristan Bergh, Predictive Analytics in Action: Real Business Results in South Africa
Steve Burnstone, Data Analytics: Building a Competitive Culture
Gillian Staniland, Interconnected BI - A Systems Thinking Approach
Gary Hope, Machine Learning: It's Not as Hard as You Think
Jerry Chetty, Myth About Data Investigation
Eric Siegel, How Predictive Analytics Delivers on the Promise of Big Data
Mike McDougall, Business Intelligence - Perdition or Paradise
Mbwana Alliy, Big Data from Silicon Valley to Africa
Barry Devlin, The Myth of Data-Driven Business
Jasper Horrell, SKA and Big Data: Up in Space and on the Ground
Theo Priestley, Internet of things - Forget the numbers, lets talk realities
David Shorten, Artificial intelligence
Georgina Armstrong, Data visualisations. Making boring data exciting and empowering.