Call for Speakers

- Do you want to share what years in BI have taught you? -
We provide a platform to share  your passion on Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence. Mammoth BI is a conference with a difference.


We’re looking for speakers who apply a down-to-earth and realistic perspective of the current state of Business Intelligence with a progressive and forward-thinking take on how to use big data.

We place high value on the insight of the speakers and their enthusiasm towards an improved BI community.

You can:

  • Share your knowledge and experience gained from working in BI, analytics and big data
  • Provide practical solutions to current industry challenges & case studies
  • Explain complex challenges in clear and understandable ways
  • Illustrate frameworks and give practical advice on how to solve emerging challenges
  • Express your philosophy on the future of BI and the local industry


As important as it is to explain what we are looking for, it is equally important to explain what we will not permit on stage during our Business Intelligence talks:

  • Speakers may not sell from stage (company, product, books) or ask for funding
  • Speakers may not push brands or vendor technologies
  • Speaking slots cannot be ‘bought’, each speaker will speak based on merit
  • Speakers must show credibility in their field of expertise
  • Speakers will respect the requirements set forth by the Mammoth guidelines:

Business Intelligence Talks

Talks will be short and focused (max 20 min).

All Business Intelligence talks will be recorded and posted online after the event to reach a wider audience.

Speakers will be asked to provide slide decks and talks by a set deadline, attend speaker workshops and be willing to work with a speaker coach