Mammoth BI originated through our team organising and attending local and international conferences and events over the past 10 years. We are influenced by global conferences we believe represent the very best the conference industry has to offer and like many of these events, Mammoth BI focuses on building community as we feel this makes the event sustainable. With this in mind we want to bring another inspiring event to South Africa, as we feel there just aren’t enough of these.

The team mainly consists of passionate volunteers who believe in this community model and who are giving up their own personal time to make Mammoth BI a memorable event packed with extraordinary speakers. We want our attendees to leave having had an unforgettable experience.

As a team we are also big fans of the concept of personal mastery and as such we wanted to not only make this event something that could inspire and educate, but that would also offer our attendees a selection of hands on experiences.

Why mammoth is different:

  • Speakers – We want to expose our attendees to the best the industry has to offer and therefore we spend a lot of time and energy selecting only the best local and international speakers. We want to ensure Mammoth becomes a platform to expose local speakers to a global audience through the availability of professionally edited videos of all of the talks at the conference.
  • Accessibly – Mammoth is first and foremost about building community and driving out our passion of personal mastery. We want the event to be accessible to everybody in the business, technology and education community.
  • Education – every year companies throughout South Africa compete to attract the best and brightest students from top class South African universities. However most of these students have not been exposed to the business intelligence, analytics and big data ecosystem. With Mammoth we are supporting the education sector through offering 100 students a free ticket to the main event. Not only does this give students an opportunity to learn more about the world of analytics, but also offers local business the opportunity to engage with these students and help offer them advice and build relationships with future thought leaders.
  • Experience – We believe that events should be memorable and that the people who attend the events are every bit as remarkable as the speakers up on stage. Because of this we encourage both the attendees and the speakers to share their knowledge and help us to grow a strong BI community.
  • All speakers on one stage – we passionately believe that every speaker puts their heart into their talk and therefore deserves to be heard by all people attending. We also want to provide a platform for our speakers and as such all of the talks will be recorded and professionally edited.
  • Community – We want South Africa to be seen as a global thought leader in analytics and big data. We believe that if we can support and grow a strong analytics community that our businesses will flourish as a result. This lies at the heart of our community engagement.

Understanding Big Data

The Mammoth BI conference and workshop takes place over two days and serves to create a platform of improved understanding of Big Data. Innovating education and availability of knowledge on Business Intelligence we seek to bring you the best view of the future of BI. Be inspired by seeing the big picture of Big Data and what it can do for you.

Learn skills to bring you to the centre of your industry and engage in a VC community. Meet and engage with some of the business -world’s most enthusiastic and forward thinking minds. It is no longer about competition but rather collaborating; finding yourself in a network of like minded BI innovators. Mammoth BI seeks to remove the curtain of conventional wisdom over big data, providing any seeker an improved understanding of the migratory path to the future of Business Intelligence.


  • Genevieve Mannel
    Genevieve MannelSpeaker Liaison
  • Jason Haddock
    Jason HaddockConference Founder
  • Jo Chevalier
    Jo ChevalierExperience & Graphic Designer
  • Lauren Shantall (PTY) Ltd
    Lauren Shantall (PTY) LtdMedia Liaison
  • Lianne du Toit
    Lianne du ToitOrganiser & Partner, Silicon Cape
  • Maximillian Kaizen
    Maximillian KaizenSpeaker Liaison, Treeshake
  • Rebecca Maserow
      Rebecca MaserowDigital Marketer
    • Steven Cohen
        Steven CohenOperations Manager
      • Tamryn Sherriffs
        Tamryn SherriffsCo-Curator
      • Tom Martin
        Tom MartinSpeaker Liaison
      • Tracy Gander
        Tracy GanderMarketing & Creative Director