Gillian Staniland

Date: 18 November

Cost: R900

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: Spaces are limited to 40 attendees only, so book now!

Workshop Overview: 

This presentation focuses on technique and not on products and will arm you with some valuable
techniques for dashboard design.

The term ‘dashboards’ has become synonymous with BI, but we’ve come across few examples of dashboards adding the full extent of their value.

We all know that dashboards can be functional, but more and more users are realising that, in the right hands, the same dashboards have the potential to be powerfully compelling and keenly thought-provoking.”

Recognising this potential, Synergy has drawn from industry insights and techniques to put together a 2 hour workshop where both designers and developers will master ways to build dashboards that entice the left and right brain – gripping dashboards that expose and exploit information necessary to trigger actions, discussion and decisions.

Adhering to the famous Leonardo da Vinci declaration that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Synergy has refined the process to build dashboards that can add the full extent of their value.

“Simplicity, by definition, is the reduction of complexity; a refining process so complete that there is truly nothing else to add, and nothing else to take away.”  However, simplicity is not merely ‘less is more’ – rather, it is about achieving clarity, which comes from constant refinement.

“It is precisely that clarity which dashboard designers and developers strive for; that ability to depict ever-increasing and complex data in bite-sized chunks, on a 15-inch piece of glass.”  However such simplification does not dare translate into ‘dumbing down’ either, as dashboards need to be enlightening, engaging and provide a clear “call to action”.

Companies across many industries are faced with this challenge on a daily basis, but we’ve garnered essential techniques along the way, techniques which we want to share at our workshop.  This two-hour session will leave you freshly inspired and equipped for your next dashboard creation.

Workshop topics will include:

* Understanding your dashboard audience, their roles, skills, devices;
* Identifying the purpose of the dashboard and the questions it is aiming to answer;
* Selecting the information – moving away from merely “interesting” to “deeply thought provoking and activating”;
* Visualisation techniques – all charts are not made equal, how to select the perfect match; and
* Design – layout, colour, flow and functionality, and making sure the users enjoy their experience.

Venue: CTICC