Q&A with Tristan Bergh

Tristan Bergh formed ixio analytics in 2012 along with Megan Bergh and has been delivering data-driven, actionable insights that have unlocked millions of ZAR for their clients ever since. Tristan has extensive experience in Big Data and will be delivering a talk on Predictive analytics in action: real business results in South Africa. We spoke to him ahead of the Mammoth BI conference to try and glean some of that knowledge.

What is the best piece of advice you can give concerning Big Data and Business Intelligence?

The best advice we can give regarding Big Data and Business Intelligence is to build a list of questions, no matter how challenging, on how you can improve your core business metrics. Of course, this starts you down the road of specifying metrics, gathering data and running predictive analytics!

What in your opinion is the biggest misconception around BI and Big Data?

The biggest misconception about BI and Big Data is that BI and Big Data can be applied as a separate IT function, like systems administration or database management. We achieved success when executives used our Big Data answers as an integral part of their operational management methodology.

Define Big Data and BI in five words or less?

Big Data and BI defined: answer tough questions with data.

What has been your career highlight thus far?

Delivering an order of magnitude improvement in customer payment behaviour using our predictive modelling for one of our clients.

What is the subject of the presentation you will be delivering?

The subject of the presentation I will be delivering is “Achieving optimal business results using data-driven understanding.”

Why should people attend Mammoth BI? 

People should attend Mammoth BI because it will showcase real Big Data and BI achievements.

For further insights from Tristan, book to see him here.

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