Q&A with speaker Eric Siegel, Ph.D

Eric Siegel, Ph.D is the founder of Predictive Analytics World and author, Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die. He will be presenting on How predictive analytics delivers on the promise of big data at the Mammoth BI conference as well as conducting workshops.

What is the best piece of advice you can give concerning Big Data and Business Intelligence? 

Lead with business value. When buying any solution or triggering any initiative, the specific, concrete purpose must be well defined and internally agreed upon. For example with a predictive analytics project, it must first be determined what customer behaviour or outcome is to be predicted, and how those predictions are to be used, such as pinpointing exactly which operation decisions they will drive, e.g., whether to make contact with a certain marketing offer.

What in your opinion is the biggest misconception around BI and Big Data? 

These technologies are sometimes viewed as a panacea, rather than a collection of well-defined value propositions.

Define Big Data and BI in five words or less? 

FIVE WORDS: Technology that makes data valuable.

As such, it’s a broad area. The definitions can be fuzzy, and subject to evolution.

Having said that, I’ll point out that my area of focus within BI, predictive analytics, is well defined. For an informal, catchy definition, see the subtitle of my book — “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die” — and for a more formal defition, see the book itself… or attend my keynote at Mammoth BI!

What has been your career highlight thus far? 

Watching the predictive analytics conference series I founded grow. We launched Predictive Analytics World (www.pawcon.com) early 2009, and it is held 10 times a year, internationally and across industry sectors. It is the leading cross-vendor event, and delivers enough fascinating case studies and technology insights to keep me (and thousands of attendees) very engaged all year long.

Why should people attend Mammoth BI? 

This extremely well put together event will deliver a great range of insightful, cutting edge content that guides how to best make value from data.

What is the subject of the presentation you will be delivering? 

How predictive analytics delivers on the promise of big data.  I’ll cover how predictive analytics works, and the ways in which it delivers value by driving mass-scale operatios, one individual at a time.

Check out the video below and book to see the brilliant Eric Siegel in action at Mammoth BI here.

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