How To Download Giphy GIFs Using Tubidy?

How To Download Giphy GIFs Using Tubidy? A Simple Method To Download GIF From Giphy

How to download Giphy GIFs using Tubidy? Many people ask this question because of Tubidy’s feature for downloading a video. However, we have a different answer than many people expected.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Tubidy to download GIF files from Giphy. That means you need to find other methods to download GIF files. So, what does Tubidy do?

How To Download Giphy GIFs Using Tubidy?

Tubidy Service

Tubidy provides an online streaming service for audio and video. You can find millions of videos and audio here you can enjoy for free.

In the past, Tubidy also provides a download service. However, since it got banned, the Tubidy developer decided to remove this service and change the whole service. Why is Tubidy banned?

The download service allows Tubidy’s users to download video and audio without permission. It is the same with piracy and breaking copyright law. Moreover, many of those online streaming platforms that host the video and audio content also didn’t permit Tubidy to convert their content into a different format.

The new Tubidy allows you to enjoy video and audio safely. It doesn’t provide a download service and only acts as a stream-only service. However, it still provides the download service with consent from the content owner.

How To Download Giphy GIFs Using Tubidy?

How to Download GIFs on Giphy?

How to download Giphy GIFs using Tubidy? If we can’t do this, what kind of method do we use to download GIF files from Giphy?

Downloading GIF files from Giphy is easy to do. Below, we will show you how to do that.

  • Open your web browser and visit the Giphy website,
  • Use the search bar to find GIFs that you like or browse from the favorite or popular section of Giphy,
  • After you find the GIF you want to download, click the GIF to view its detailed information,
  • To download the GIF, right-click the GIF and choose the “Save As” option,
  • Select the location where you want to save the GIF and the name of the file,
  • Click the “OK” button to download the GIF file,
  • Once it finishes the process, you can use and access the GIF offline.
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In short, Tubidy provides a streaming service for video and audio only. Therefore, you can’t use it to download GIF files from Giphy or other GIF services.

However, we have mentioned the simple method to download GIFs from Giphy. So, we hope you have no problem anymore with this question. How to download Giphy GIFs using Tubidy?