Education the driving force behind Mammoth BI

South Africa has one of the lowest Math’s and Science literacy levels in the world. Because of this, technical resources have grown in demand yet we are struggling to keep up with that demand.

There is a huge need to bridge the gap between education and business. We need to help businesses take ownership about improving the literacy levels in South Africa. Mammoth BI not only recognises the importance of education, but also wishes to make knowledge the basis for all action we take.

What to expect

Education is one of the main themes and driving force behind Mammoth BI. The conference will be a space for seekers and speakers alike; everyone will learn and everyone has something to bring forward. We want to welcome the next generation of BI to explore all the possibilities, take every avenue and engage in the dynamic playground of Mammoth BI.

We are extremely passionate about creating awareness and interest around business intelligence in our future professionals and have spent the last few weeks engaging lecturers at the University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape and University of Stellenbosch, to see how we could create an opportunity for students to be part of this migration.

How to attend

Although Mammoth BI is structured to be financially accessible for students, we have made our commitment to growing the awareness at the student level that much more apparent, by providing each university with 35 tickets for the conference day, 17 November, to distribute between the Actuarial Science, Computer Science and Information Technology faculties.

Why attend

These students will have the amazing opportunity to gain insight from global and local BI thought leaders, as well as practical examples from local business.  It would give them invaluable insight into the current situational challenges of the Big Data environment locally as well as abroad, as well as how using your data as a strategic asset.

There are also some amazing workshops that have been positioned for both technical and business delegates.

Students interested in BI, analytics and big data are urged to take part in the creation of this new and exciting BI network. Please mail for more information or any queries.

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