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South Africa is one of the lowest performing countries in maths and science. This contributes to the growing concern of the pressure on BI resources in South Africa. What this means is that at the moment businesses are having to outsource to foreign nationals to find the skill sets that they require to leverage their data assets.

With a population of 50 million people, 10 million are unemployed or earn minimum wage or are without adequate IT education. Additionally 79% of South Africans do not have internet access.

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The Mammoth Bursary will be awarded to a previously disadvantaged student who will be entering into their 2nd year of their undergraduate degree in 2015, studying either Information Systems, Computer Science, Statistics or Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town.

The goal is to fund at least R30,000 for second and 3rd year costs respectively.


The winner of the Mammoth Bursary will be mentored by staff at Saratoga in a programme designed to aid their career path and experience levels.

If there are sufficient funds, Mammoth BI will begin screening students to find the winner of the Mammoth Bursary in early January of 2015.

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Find out more about the bursary fund and how to donate here.


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