5 Questions for Jasper Horrell

Jasper Horrell focuses on the science and engineering of the SKA telescope and has a vision for Africa as a leader in knowledge-based activity. He will speaking on the development of the continent triggered by projects such as the SKA coupled with the promise of Big Data at Mammoth BI.

What has been your career highlight thus far?
Working for the SKA South Africa project over the last 10 years has been a series of highlights. The dedication, enthusiasm and skill of a group of people creatively working towards a worthwhile cause, with benefits well beyond astronomy, is the real highlight.

What is the best piece of advice you can give concerning Big Data and Business Intelligence?
Big Data is not a science of miracles although “miracles” may come in future as our machines become more sophisticated (along with certain dangers). Right now it’s a step-by-step process involving the ingenuity and skill of humans.

What in your opinion is the biggest misconception around BI and Big Data?
That Big Data is not already here. Certainly many of the things needed to exploit Big Data (in whichever of the fuzzy definitions one adopts to define this) are not in place. But it’s here and is not going away.

Define Big Data and BI in five words or less?
Big Data = potential

Why should people attend Mammoth BI?
For the flow of ideas and networking. We are at the early stages of Big Data development. Be a part of how it moves from here.

Catch Jasper at the Mammoth BI conference by booking to see him here.

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